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Monday, July 03, 2006

Well, *I* thought it was funny

So there's this mess among the right (see local righties The Game and DiGaudio for examples; see Hunter or, especially, Glenn Greenwald for a thorough explanation) over the New York Times's having published, in its travel section, a spot on some place in Maryland where Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney have vacation homes. There's a picture of Rummy's driveway and some mention of the security camera hidden in the birdhouse. Ack! TMI for those terrorists!

Your response is probably much the same as mine: Whatever.

The right, though, sees this as 1) pushback against the administration for its condemnation of the Times's revealing reportage lately (neglecting that a puff piece like that is done weeks in advance) and 2) an opportunity to play vigilante. This includes the rightie blogger who called for his readers to "hunt them down [. . .] grab for the golden ring." That's not funny, I know. Apparently, the FBI is on that guy.

But what's funny is the confirmation from Rumsfeld's office that, in fact, the article had been cleared, and that Rummy, personally, had okayed the photo.

Does Rummy always talk in questions? Yes. Is it annoying? Hell, yes.
[SecDef Director of Public Affairs Holleen] Wheeler declined to directly discuss the question of his security, saying that it was something they don't discuss as a rule. But she said: "Did it affect the Secretary's schedule in any way? No. Does it affect in any way how he does his business? No."
Does everyone in his office talk that way? Yes!

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