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Monday, July 31, 2006

A Guest Post from Secretary of State Candidate Scot Ross

A Serious Concern

Dear Fellow Democrats,

I write you today because if I fail to act, I am doing Democrats a disservice.

Recently, I wrote my opponent, Doug LaFollette, a letter asking him if he would join me for a handful of debates, so the people of Wisconsin, in particular our fellow Democrats, would have the opportunity to hear our respective plans for the office.

This week I received an e-mail refusing my invitation to debate. What alarms me and why I am choosing to speak about this is his unacceptable reasoning for turning me down. He wrote:
"Indeed, such debates might only serve to give the Republican candidate for this office ammunition for his campaign." - Secretary of State Doug LaFollette
Excuse me?

To tell Democrats we should remain silent out of fear the Republicans will attack our positions is exactly why we need new leadership in the Secretary of State's office - and why it is time for Doug LaFollette to go.

I pledge to you I will never compromise myself for the sake of convenience or out of fear. I will always stand up and fight for the people of Wisconsin and for the values we share as Democrats.

I am challenging our 28-year incumbent because he has refused to speak out in the face of a dozen years of Republican majority in the State Legislature and Congress, five years of the most corrupt Presidential Administration in history, curtailed freedoms, threatened liberties an illegal war waged which has cost 2,570 American soldiers their lives.

And Doug wants us as Democrats to keep quiet, so Republicans don't have "ammunition?"

With what is at stake, Democrats should not have to settle for this type of weakness from any elected official who asks us for our support.

This year is too important. We need Democrats who are ready, willing and able to stand up to Mark Green, John Gard and George W. Bush.

I will. Doug LaFollette has said he will not.

As I said at the convention, you don't get our vote just for being a Democrat. You earn our vote by being there for other Democrats.

I look forward to continuing to earn your support as we get closer to the September 12 primary. Please call me, email me, write me, or talk to me in person with any suggestions or advice you might have.

Thank you,
Ross Across Wisconsin

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