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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Your humble folkbum and US Senate candidate Ben Masel

Hmmm . . . . Two people who will not be at this weekend's Democratic Party of Wisconsin Convention!

I can't be there because of other obligations--like having to speak at my high school's graduation Friday night, and trying to finish grades before Monday's start of exams. There's just no way I could get to Lacrosse and back and do what I need to get done at the job that pays the bills.

Ben's speaking! See update below. (To clarify, Ben will be there, but not speaking.) Ben Masel won't be there because Joe Wineke lied to him:
On February 23, I asked Wisconsin Democratic Chair Joe Wineke if, as a candidate for the US Senate, I'd be afforded a podium slot at the State Convention, set to take place next weekend. He asked if my dues were paid up, as it was policy to require Candidates seeking to speak to be Members. As it happens, I'd just lapsed, but he assured me if I renewed, I'd be afforded the opportunity to address the Convention. Lacking forms, he declined to take my renewal on the spot. A few days later, I stopped by the Party HQ, and paid my $25.

Next I saw Joe, a few weeks later, I told him I'd renewed, and he assured me I'd still be speaking. Repeated a couple times since.

Now, I find a full schedule in a press release at Wheeler Report (pdf) and I'm not included. Primary challengers to the Attorney General and Secretary of State, however, appear.

The Democrats both nationally, and here at the State level, have been telling folks who are tempted to vote for 3d Party candidates that they should instead participate inside the Party, that there's a new openness. Put this to the test, it would seem the Democratic Party of Wisconsin has failed.
There's no excuse for this. None at all.

You can let the party know that all candidates should have the same opportunity to speak:
Chair: Joe Wineke
(608) 255-5172 (voice)

1st Vice Chair: Lena Taylor
(608) 255-5172 (voice)

2nd Vice Chair: Jef Hall
Be polite in your emails and calls, but demand that Wineke make good on his promises.
From Ben's comments:

UPDATE: Just spoke with Exec. Dir. Mike Murphy, I'm on, first after the Saturday lunch break.

Further update: Phone call with Party Chair Wineke, he takes responsibility for forgetting to tell staff about his commitment to me.

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