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Monday, June 12, 2006

This will make waves

Tom Balistreri is resiging from the Milwaukee Public Schools board:
Balistreri, a vocal critic of Superintendent William Andrekopoulos, had less than a year left of his four-year term. He said in a statement and an afternoon interview that he decided to resign solely because of health issues, not political ones.

"It's strictly that I've got to get on a very regimented program to take care of my health," Balistreri said. He is diabetic and had open-heart surgery a year ago.
What kind of waves, I don't have time to speculate on. But, as far as things go, this is a big one.

Also, yes, I've seen the first several of the reports on MPS high schools, including today's, which is in part about my school. They seem accurate. If I didn't have finals this week and a ton of work packing up for the summer, I'd say more now. As it is, I will say more later.

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