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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Three Days

That is, three days until the end-of-quarter filing deadline for candidates. You may not think, in the grand scheme of things, that giving right now--as opposed to next wek, or at the end of next month or whenever--is important, but it is, for two reasons. The first is the money makes money. Every dollar raised early in a campaign is a dollar that can be used early to raise name recognition, recruit new volunteers, and, indeed, solicit bigger fish for contributions. The second reason is the press; when a candidate comes in with a very big number, especially if it's higher than expected, there can be a lot of buzz around that candidate, and that can generate good results and even national attention in some cases.

So, here you go:
• My ActBlue page, with a whole lot of state, local, and federal Democratic candidates that I feel deserve your dough
• ActBlue's list of all the Democratic candidates for the House
• A special ActBlue page where you can be a sponsor of a Feingold event for Bryan Kennedy
• Fair Wisconsin's $30 by the 30th still needs you, as well--they seem to be about $3500 short of their goal

Also, don't forget that you have just another day or two to vote for Bryan Kennedy in Mark Warner's Mapchangers competition. Click that link (or the ad to your right) and vote for Bryan in the West division. If Bryan makes the top ten, Warner's PAC will kick in some cash, some publicity, and, if Bryan makes the top five, he'll also fly out here for some personal appearances.

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