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Thursday, May 05, 2005

A coupla leftover Wisconsin Wednesday items

1. Marquette Gold? Gold? What, like you're the Harvard-blinking-Crimson now? Way to drop a brick, guys.

2. Mark Green makes it official. He's running. That means two things: A, I really, really need a Walker: Tosa Ranger-style disparaging nickname for him. It also means that we're not going to hear about a single real issue for 18 months. What did Green make a big deal of for his announcement? Voter ID.

3. Walker: Tosa Ranger is getting sued. If you click through the "Archived Coverage" links, you can read the whole sordid story and find that no one is really innocent. But you can also find another tale that looks bad for our wannabe-guv: When Walker came to power following the rout of F. Tom Ament, Susan Baldwin was only able to keep her job after signing an "agreement barring [her] from public criticism of the county." Then he "enthusiastically endorsed her plans to close the budget gap" at the parks department. Sadly, that plan involved closing pools and other unpopular things, and that August was hot. So Walker "staged a made-for-TV reopening of the wading pool in Gordon Park and introduced an interim parks director while offering little explanation" about why he fired Parks Director Susan Baldwin. That's right--he canned her, after "enthusiastically" approving the budget she presented. Sadly, she was under that agreement not to criticize the county, so she couldn't even defend herself against Walker's lies. J-Dizzle isn't my favorite governor, but we don't need Walker's underhanded duplicity in Madison.

For more on Walker: Tosa Ranger's hijinks this week, see Bill Christofferson here and here.

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