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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Vote today, Wisconsin

by folkbum

First, make sure you know where. If you're not registered, you need proof of address. You do not yet need photo ID.

Statewide, this blog recommends JoAnne Kloppenburg for state supreme court. In December, Justice Prosser's campaign released a statement saying he would be a "complement" to Scott Walker and the Republican leadership of the state. He's been endorsed by Sarah Palin. If that isn't enough to sway you ...

Here in Milwaukee County, Chris Abele deserves your vote over Jeff Stone. While this spring's election is to fill the remaining year of a a four-year term (i.e., we'll be doing this all again soon--and I hope Jim Sullivan takes another whack at it), that year would be enough time for Jeff Stone to do some serious damage or for Abele to try to reverse course. Let's give Abele that chance.

Two county board seats require new supervisors, and this blog recommends Eyon Biddle and Jason Haas, the latter in particular because his opponent, Steven Kraeger, is playing dirty and using the names of popular Democrats to seem more moderate or liberal than he really is.

Milwaukee County also has a contested circuit court race. There, both Christopher Lipsomb (challenger) and Pedro Colón (incumbent) are good people. What may sway you is knowing that Colón endorsed Justice Prosser early in the race and, unlike other Democrats, has refused to remove his endorsement as the campaign has progressed.

Milwaukee Public Schools is electing 5/9 of its board today. Everyone in the city can and should vote in the citywide race, and this blog recommends Terry Falk. Susan Schmidt, Falk's opponent, would have a steep learning curve, and she currently supports vouchers and a very run-schools-like-a business attitude that neglects the reality of the job of running schools. Falk has his own flaws, yes, but he has been a public educator all his life.

In the open seat in the 8th board district, where I live, I recommend Meaghan Holman. Her command of the issues (and willingness to show up--literally at candidate forums and figuratively as a citizen activist in these troubled times) puts her far ahead of Candy Jo Lisniewski. Michael Bonds, Jeff Spence, and Tim Petersons all seem likely to win reelection, and though none of them thrill me, none of their challengers have made much of a convincing case, either.

And that's what I have for you. It's all you from here on out. Vote.

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