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Friday, April 08, 2011

Court Vote Update

by folkbum

Obviously, my post yesterday about Christian Schneider's sophomoric analysis of the race--not to mention said sophistry itself--was written before the events in Waukesha Count last night seemingly settled the supreme court election, in favor of The Other Guy. So I want to update a few things this morning.

First, what I said in that post last night stands. Obviously, if you take out WaukCo numbers, whatever they may be, the rest of the state doesn't change. Where Schneider argues that Dane County's votes are all that stood in the way of a Prosser victory equal to or greater (comparatively) Gov. Scott Walker's last fall, the same can basically be said for Waukesha County's and Kloppenburg.

But the WaukCo votes move that county into second place for most-lopsided county results, behind pro-Prosser Washington County. Dane County's vote moves to third (and Prosser county Ozaukee stays fourth). I do hope that Schneider realizes the folly now of blaming some lopsided county result for the outcome of the election.

Second, the conduct of Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus is inexcusable and should result in termination. I can understand making an election-night error (though had she not, the whole week's conversation would have been very different), but then she figured out her mistake and sat on it for a day and a half.

Well, not sat on it: There's pretty good evidence that this was leaked to right-wing media sources before anyone in the County but her knew. According to listeners, Charlie Sykes, for example, was crowing about "human error" all morning Thursday, twelve hours before the news broke, and don't forget what I posted below from James T. Harris. That she would withhold results from officials and her superiors, but allow them to leak to right-wing media, is monstrously stupid.

And finally, I owe Pedro Colón a bit of an apology (and probably a beer). While I still believe there was no reason, by the end, for any Democrat to endorse Prosser, he obviously could not have swung 7000 votes in Milwaukee County, despite his influence.

Have a good weekend, everybody; I'm thinking of going Galt again.

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