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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Walker Contradicts Himself on School District Local Control

by Michael A Leon

“I’d like to give local school districts more local control,” Walker said. “That in turn will help us ultimately make sure the dollars we do spend are spent in the classroom and not on more overhead, such as wages, salaries, benefits and administrators.”
- Scott Walker; August 25, 2010
Sun Prairie Star (Rachel Wittrock)

"We can't expect for our 72 counties, for our 424 school districts and for more than 1,000 municipal governments across the state of Wisconsin that somehow, magically, because a few people are suggesting they might be willing to come to the table now, that we can ensure that every district and every jurisdiction is able to achieve these savings just because a few people are now at the 11th hour claiming they want to negotiate,"
- Scott Walker; February 18, 2011, saying state must end collective bargaining for all counties, municipalities and school districts.

Only those Tea Partiers and Republicans residing in WalkerLand fail to discern the difference.

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