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Sunday, February 20, 2011

I can't leave you people alone for five minutes, can I?

by folkbum

I was not just Galt last week. Circumstances took me out of internet range--indeed, out of the country--for the last week. I get back to US soil and find my inbox clogged with the mess you people have made of the place while I was gone. I had thought, what's the worst that can happen and pre-loaded a couple of innocuous posts for the blog while I was gone. Serves me right.

So clearly I have some catcthing up to do.

My initial reaction as I just start to digest the new is twofold: On the one hand, I'm thinking hells yeah, because it's about time we had some labor unrest again in this country. Both labor and capital have gotten too complacent lately, though for obviously different reasons.

On the other, I am not comfortable with the kind of labor actions that have shut down schools. I would have gone to Madison Friday after the day was cancelled, but I would not have called in sick. (My week-long absence was foreseeable and I sought and received administrative permission to be gone for the week.). I will be at work Tuesday (I am plannng to meet my student teacher at school tomorrow, even, though there was no school scheduled anyway). I will continue to figure out what more I can do within the bounds of my legal obligations to protect my rights, the rights of my brothers and sisters in this fight, and the future rights of the students I teach. Walker's budget mess affects them, perhaps most of all.

Also, any typos in this post are the fault of an iPhone keyboard and cramped airport seatjng.

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