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Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Been a Bad Week for the Right Wing

by Bert
My, my, my. This past week has been a very bad one for right-wing conservatives, hasn’t it? I mean, youch.

There was the exuberant gloating about the election of Republican Scott “Mr. 41” Brown in Massachusetts, unequivocal cheers for the Supreme Court ruling for corporate cash in elections, clucking indignation at the president’s call for bank regulation.

Most of the time the right is disciplined in their dissembling. But they couldn’t contain themselves last week. For once they let loose with what they really stand for.

It is obvious now to everyone that the right wants no change in a problem-riddled health care system, that their only role is to obstruct and destroy any government initiative. When Rush said his only goal is failure for America he was speaking not just for himself, but for an entire party. The GOP is the no, nothing party.

And if conservatives have any core beliefs at all besides political power, it is that they want to deliver for their real constituency: the wealthy and powerful. This past week showed the right adores banks and corporations more than anything else, and certainly more than democracy.

That makes last week ultimately bad news for the right. Because Americans will begin now to see through the tawdry garments they use to festoon savage capitalism and oligarchy.

The fact they have shed any last pretense and now openly support the tyranny of privilege makes the last week the beginning of the end for the right. The fact they have danced on graves rather than strive along some path toward the horizon proves they have no vision. They are classic vandals.

In a manner that annoys the merde out of worldly-wise Europeans, Americans are genetically idealistic and optimistic. You can implant a nameless, unreasonable, and unjustified fear in some of us in dark times like the present. But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. And nobody likes a whiner.

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