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Friday, October 23, 2009

Tenuousness Lyrical Love

by 3rd Way

One of the many charms of the blogosphere is it's inhabitants proclivity towards promoting their musical tastes. My blog reading habit has turned me onto some musicians I may not have found otherwise, but I fear most musical posts are skipped over by the average reader. Blog-centric communication is likely most successful when the content is literary and visual opposed to aural.

Tonight I decided from now on I will start to share selected lines from musicians whose lyricism moves me enough to make me want to share with others.

To kick off my new tradition I wanted to post some lines from Andrew Bird's "Tenuousness". I really wish I would have seen him when he was in town last weekend.

Love of hate acts as an axis
First it wanes and then it waxes

(So procreate and pay your taxes)


When Copraphagia was writ
Know when to stand know when to sit

Can’t stand to stand can’t stand to sit and
who would want to know this
Click click click

I had to go "click click click" to find out what copraphagia means. I guess those that consume what Beck and other Fox commentators expel could be described as Copraphagians.

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