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Thursday, October 01, 2009

I'l Have What He's Having

By Keith R. Schmitz

Florida Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson has created a minor cable TV furor with his tongue-in-cheek dig that the GOP plan for health care is "just die."

In predictable fashion, the dish it out but can't take it GOP is crying like babies. Since the dawn of August we have seen a parade of Republican congress members lay wild charges about death panels, government control of health care, and of course, an apology from Joe Wilson that isn't an apology because he is fund raising off his disruption.

So now we have Freshman representative Grayson not only using his apology to dig the dig deeper, but bursting onto the set at CNN and audaciously taking on an entire panel and standing his ground.

I for one would like more reasoned discussion but we haven't seen it from the GOP. Sure supporters of health care from time to time have gone off the road, but we all know who has ginned up the hysteria. So for the time being, this the way the game is being played. Though well-framed arguments are great, it is overpowering the other side that carries the day. Just the way it is right now.

We need more Democrats like Alan Grayson.

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