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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Who Speaks for Health Insurance Companies

By Keith R. Schmitz

There will be many contributors to this site who perhaps won't know why this is funny.

UPDATE -- The National Economic Council has come out with a report that lays out the numbers. From 1999 to 2009 premiums rose, depending upon state, from 88% to 148% (that would be Alaska). During the same period wages and inflation went up 38% and 28%. Bet middle class wages went up a lot less.

Could you imagine the screaming from the right if government spending went up that much?

Well, it didn't. According to the venerable Heritage Foundation, federal spending during that period went up 66%, with a huge role being played by the skyward increases in health insurance.

So why is it OK for that one sector in business be allowed to have an adverse affect on all the other businesses in this country? When are the right and right-leaning business groups going to give health insurance the same regard they give government?

A dollar spent is a dollar spent, no matter who gets their mitts on it.

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