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Friday, April 24, 2009

Three posts I'm not writing while I'm laptopless

by folkbum

1. The two most important MPS elections you don't know are happening. One, over the next week, MTEA (the teachers union) members will be electing a new president. Mild-mannered, two-term president Dennis Oulahan is wrapping up his term, and the two candidates vying to replace him offer two very different potential leadership styles. The firebrand, the likely winner, will not offer any kind of conciliation toward the board and the administration. Speaking of the board: Two, the board will be electing a new president, too, when the new members are sworn in later this spring. Current president Peter Blewett has been a student-focused leader putting the quality of the schools first. There are other strong personalities on the board that might push things in a different direction. How these two votes end up will tell us a lot about the next two years at MPS.

2. Walker-Neumann Cage Match. My esteemed liberal blogging colleagues are pretty gleeful at the grudge match growing among the right over the gubernatorial primary shaping up between Scott Walker and Mark Neumann. I seem to recall that Republicans were all quite giddy at the prospect of a bloody, protracted fight between Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton--and look how that turned out.

3. Torture. Murder is a pretty effective way to get rid of the neighbors who honk their horns at all hours of the night, but that doesn't make it moral. That whole discussion is just depressing.

Also: Don't forget your chance to see me and my pals in the Portage Road Songwriters Guild this Saturday May 2 at the Coffee House: 8 PM, $5. And you'll also note the solo show I have booked at the FIXX on July 24.

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