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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Yet Another Problem At The House Of Correction

by capper

Friday's paper had an article about an inmate that was found dead at the Milwaukee County House of Correction on Thanksgiving Day morning. This adds to the compounding trouble that has been occurring at the House of Correction and Community Correctional Center for the past several months.

This time the story is of an inmate, with a history of drug abuse issues, apparently taking an overdose of prescribed medication. As I have stated before, there is a systematic problem with the correctional system in Milwaukee County. There is poor leadership among top administrators that don't know what's is going on in their own departments. There is also a crisis of overcrowded prisoners and a severe shortage of correctional officers.

Instead of actually dealing with the root of these problems, County Executive Scott Walker originally chose to scapegoat some officers, blaming them for the errors in the system. He did this despite the fact that these problems had been called to that attention of administrators, who, in turn, dismissed those concerns. Based on Friday's article, Walker will have a hard time to do his scapegoating again (emphasis mine):

District Attorney John Chisholm said the death was being investigated as likely related to prescription drugs. He said his initial review had not turned up evidence of wrongdoing on the part of correctional officers. Prosecutors want to find out how enough drugs to kill Orlowski could have been hoarded and who supplied him with prescription pills, Chisholm said.

The article also asks for comments from HOC administrators. Ron Malone, superintendent of HOC, who didn't even have a clue about the late night issues at HOC, then lied about them, had this reported about him and the inquest:

Ron Malone, superintendent of the House of Correction, declined to comment.

Thanks for the insight, Mr. Malone, that was very helpful. Of course, Walker had nothing to say either. He can't be bothered to actually do his job, he has a campaign to run.

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