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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Breaking! Bay View Schools *not* merging! (Yet.)

by folkbum

I so rarely get to actually break news on this blog--since that's not it's main function. But on the side I've been writing for the Bay View Compass, where I follow school issues.

I won't say too much now--you'll have to pick up the Compass in a few weeks for the story--but the possible merger between two Bay View schools, Dover St. and Trowbridge St., is off for this year. April's Compass has the story of what might have happened (check Bay View area businesses for your free copy, or go here to learn how to subscribe), and the Journal Sentinel reported the possibility in a story Sunday (scroll way to the bottom).

But according to newly-elected eighth district MPS Director Terry Falk, the deal isn't going through, based on a conversation he had with the superintendent this afternoon. What happens for 2008-2009 is yet up in the air.

As I said, I'm saving the juicy stuff for the Compass, mostly because I haven't had time to follow it all up yet. But I thought I'd at least take this opportunity to share what very few others know (even the MPS spokeswoman hadn't heard the news yet).

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