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Thursday, February 08, 2007

If only Tommy! had used his veto pen for this . . .

by folkbum

English teachers are hereafter granted a greater salary!

found word english on Page 42, Line 53, Position 6
found word teachers on Page 175, Line 87, Position 26
found word are on Page 176, Line 21, Position 15
found word hereafter on Page 182, Line 50, Position 24
found word granted on Page 182, Line 81, Position 18
found word a on Page 183, Line 14, Position 18
found word greater on Page 216, Line 40, Position 24
found word salary on Page 226, Line 15, Position 1

I admit it, the VetoMatic is cute. But nothing Jim Doyle did during the last biennium is as bad as what Tommy! did, which prompted, what, two, three lawsuits?

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