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Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday Random Ten

The with a capital T Edition

1. "Trouble in My Head" Melissa Ferrick from Willing to Wait
2. "Trouble" Shawn Colvin from A Few Small Repairs
3. "The Trouble with Poets" Peter Mulvey from Glencree
4. "Trouble" Kat Eggleston from Second Nature
5. "Wrap Your Trouble in Dreams" Jennifer Kimball from Oh Hear Us
6. "I've Seen Trouble" Bill Camplin (as Döet) from Love Songs and Other Trios
7. "Howling at the Trouble" Richard Shindell from Sparrows Point
8. "The Trouble with Normal" Bruce Cockburn from Anything Anytime Anywhere
9. "Trouble and Care" John Gorka from Old Futures Gone
10. "Troubles" Mark Erelli from Hilbilly Pilgrim

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