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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"Christian" group upgrades from book-burning to dyslexic fraud advocacy

by folkbum

Remember a couple of years ago when the book-burners--literally! they demanded to burn a book!--descended on the West Bend Library because something threatened their worldview? One group in particular went even beyond just asking for books to be banned and burned, and actually tried suing the city of West Bend for "damages" because "their mental and emotional well-being were damaged" by the library's having Baby Be-Bop in the stacks. The was the Christian Civil Liberties Union.

[UPDATE: Here they are in action!]

So then today the flyer on the right showed up on the car of a friend of mine (click to embiggen). If you can't see the image or read the text, here's what it says:

"Mines for Wisconsin" encourage you to oppose the Scott Walker recall petition by signing "Adolf Hitler, 666 Hell Street (your city)"

WHY? The recall people don't want thousands of high paying jobs in the mining industry in northern Wisconsin. The president of "MFW" used to work for Kaiser Steel at an open pit mine. The area around the mine was not environmentally affected.

By signing Hilter's name you are sending a message to the recall people who oppose jobs for Wisconsin residents. Many of these potential jobs would be union positions.

It is not illegal to sign "Adolf Hitler" on a petition. Hitler was willing to destroy Germany in order to get his ideals in place. This is similar to what the recall people are doing in Wisconsin.
Though the flyer is signed "Mines for Wisconsin," the phone number and address listed traces back to the CCLU. (I don't know whether the "Bob" listed as a contact is one of the Roberts from the West Bend debacles.)

One wonders, first, what particular flavor of Christianity it is that promotes this kind of lying--certainly not any I know of. Second, though, one wonders why this group would advocate breaking state law, which prohibits signing a false name to a petition like this. (Wisconsin Republicans are trying to get that upgraded to a felony, even.) So no, CCLU, your flyer is wrong--it would be illegal to sign either as Adolf Hitler or Adolf Hilter.

I am not sure that flyering a parking lot advocating fraud like this is enough to get Assistant DA Landgraf investigating, but this kind of thing shouldn't just pass unnoticed.

(Further: Someone with more time to dig should look into Kaiser Steel's mining operations. I doubt that there was no environmental impact of any of their strip mines.)

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