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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chart of the Day, GOP Golden Boy Edition

by folkbum

Via K-Drum, Citizens for Tax Justice have run the tax numbers (.pdf) in Paul Ryan's "Roadmap to Screw You, America Prosperity":

(click for larger image)

So not only does Ryan's "Roadmap" eliminate Medicare, not only does Ryan's "Roadmap" turn Social Security into a game of roulette, not only does Ryan's "Roadmap" not eliminate the deficit (until maybe 50 years out but only if you pretend that the plan doesn't cut revenue), Ryan's "Roadmap" jacks up your taxes. Unless you happen to earn more than 90% of the rest of America, and seeing as how you're sitting around somewhere reading this meagre blog instead of, I don't know, yachting, you are probably not a winner under Ryan's plan.

And Ryan is apparently a Very Serious Person!

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