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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Duffy moneybomb question

by folkbum

So far, I haven't heard an answer as to whether or not Sean Duffy (who's trying to eke some milage out of the falsehood that the economic stimulus package passed a year ago by Congress is a failure) thinks Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan, and the countless other Republicans taking credit for stimulus funds, is being dishonest.

The next question Duffy should have to answer is whether the good folks of Ashland County, his home turf and where he currently District Attorneys from, should give back the $13,939,620 in stimulus funds so far distributed there. Ashland, in fact, has raked in more per capita than the state or national average when it comes to stimulus (in large part because of distributuons to tribal authorities, granted), so I'd say his constituents are currently getting a good deal out of the package.

Ask Sean Duffy if Northland College should take back the more than a quarter of a million dollars' worth of students loans it has given out under the stimulus, to keep students in college who might have had to drop out due to the poor economy.

Ask Sean Duffy if the recipients of well over a million dollars' worth of guaranteed home loans should move back into their cars.

Ask Sean Duffy if Historic Red Bridge over Armstrong creek, a century old and a tourist attraction, should be allowed to fall further into disrepair.

Ask Sean Duffy if the Mathy Construction Company there in Ashland should return its $3 million and lay off the workers called in for the highway projects they're doing.

If Duffy is going to make this an issue, then he needs to answer these questions.

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