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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Man-Savage, indeed

by folkbum

Barry Orton, about friend-of-the-blog Ben Masel, suing:
Previously unreported details that came out at the trial included the fact that officer Michael Mansavage first missed Masel and instead peppersprayed his partner John McCaughtry, who was holding Masel by the arm at the time. Apparently, once McCaughtry and Mansavage had wrestled Masel into a face-down position on the ground, with McCaughtry's knee on Masel's back, Mansavage then peppersprayed Masel in the face. Mansavage also threatened to use a Taser on Masel for not putting his arm behind his back to be handcuffed fast enough, when the arm was, in fact, trapped under Masel's body.
News today: hung jury. Suing the Powers That Be for violating his civil rights is Ben's primary source of income; I hope take two is more successful for him.

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