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Monday, October 01, 2007

Too much awesomeness for one blog

by folkbum

Okay, now that the cat is fully out of the bag, I think it's important that everyone knows exactly what the cat looks like. A while back, I saw a "Wanna Writa Blog?" link on the jsonline Education page, and filled out the form. I was offered a spot under the aegis of jsonline to do some writing about issues in education and reform--stuff I find interesting but never get around to writing about here at what has really become a state-and-local political blog. I'm not giving up this fort, and I only expect to have the fort at jsonline for basically this school year. A new stable of community bloggers will likely rise to vanquish us in time. I'm still writing for the Bay View Compass (which is still not quite online--I think they would take volunteers if you're into that sort of thing), and I still have the day job.

Laura Thompson, who's heading up the Education@JSOnline stuff, has a blog post up today explaining the whole deal and introducing all of us. You can find us in the "Community Bloggers" pull-down menu here for future reference.

I keep thinking that someday I will be able to parlay this blogging thing into something profitable. It's not today. But someday.

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