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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Things to do

  • If you sign up and buy stuff from this website, I get points. (That's my referral link--don't lose it!) Then you can sign people up and get points, too. No, it's not a pyramid scheme, and the points are mostly for bragging rights. Although there's something about a car . . .

  • I got en email the other day from Herald Blogger Ken, who reminded me about Paul Hill Days. I don't necessarily recommend you go participate, but just in case, Illusory Tennant has the agenda.

  • This Sunday, you can join me and my friends Cindi and Rich Morgan for a house concert; one of my favorite folky/ singer-songwritery outifts, Son of the Never Wrong always puts on a good show.

  • Next Saturday (August 4), you can find me at the South Shore Farmer's Market (at South Shore Park in Bay View) for a performance by Peter Mulvey. If you've never seen him before, you simply must. This is a great free, solo acoustic show, which gets going around 10 AM.

  • And more guitar stuff:

    On Tuesday, August 7th the Old Town School of Folk Music will celebrate its 50 years in Chicago by giving the city a FREE, open-air guitar lesson with veteran Old Town School guitar faculty and special guests. All levels of players are welcome - especially beginners! Make sure to register -- we need everyone to register so everyone "counts." Bring a picnic and some friends with guitars!

    Tuning and check-in starts at 6pm -- lesson starts promptly at 7:30pm. The first 1000 registered participants are automatically entered in a drawing to win a beautiful Martin 00X1 guitar, accessories, and a free Old Town School group class!

I had some other things I was planning to list, but my browser crashed and I lost my open tabs. Sigh.

UPDATE! Bonus Peter Mulvey YouTube!

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