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Sunday, January 01, 2012

The last post

by folkbum

This blog is not disappearing. The archives will still exist, and I may clean up the sidebar (kill the ads, etc.).

And I am not disappearing, either: Starting today, I will be posting political and cultural whinings at the Zach Wisniewski Home for Wayward Bloggers, also known as Blogging Blue.

My monthly column will continue in the Bay View Compass.

And, most exciting, my education and MPS-related commentary will be available semi-regularly at a new website run by the fine folks at called School Matters MKE. UPDATE: I am now also a regular columnist for!

As always you can follow me on twitter at @folkbum.

But this is the last post here. Ta-da.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

The next-to-last post

(I'm not quitting, per se; tomorrow, I will post some information about where you can find--or avoid--my writing from here on out.)

by folkbum

When I was in high school, back in nineteen-somethingy-something, my junior English teacher, Mrs. Harding, insisted I needed a bigger venue for my wit and wisdom than, say, high school. A TV show, she suggested, no--a TV network. In retrospect, of course, I'm sure a lot of that was some of the same kind of head-patting that I do now as a junior English teacher myself. But I don't think she or I or much of anyone in nineteen-somethingy-something anticipated the wide-open frontier that would be blogging in 2003.

Which is, if you can believe it, when I started this thing: almost nine years ago, which is something like 963 in blog years.

Mrs. Harding, I think, was kind of right. Because of this blog I did end up on TV, several times (national and local); I've been published in the local paper, a local-er paper, local and national magazines, even a real book.

No I never ended up pulling a sweet salary at some think tank or other, and I never gradumated to Real Punditry or anything. Turns out, I like doing the English teacher thing, as Mrs. Harding taught me to do, better.

So this is it. No long, rambly reflection, just a simple see you later, someplace else.