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Sunday, June 03, 2007

You don't need a weatherman to

by folkbum

This morning we had this bit of weatherola (my emphasis):
The National Weather Service says a weather phenomenon known as a cold air funnel cloud is possible across southern Wisconsin today and tonight.

In a special weather statement issued today, the Weather Service says the cold air funnels rarely do any damage and usually only last a few minutes before disipating.

The cold air funnels differ from tornadoes. "There is little potential (today) for intense thunderstorms that produce tornadoes," the Weather Service says in the statement.
Of course, just a few hours later . . .
The National Weather Service has received reports that a tornado has touched down near state Highway 60 and county Highway I in the Town of Cedarburg.
There are no reports on the paper's website of any damage or injuries or anything at all, really, beyond that paragraph. A google news search also turned up nothing. I hope that means all my Cedarburg readers (and anyone else up thataway) are all right. And it serves as a reminder that predicting the weather is harder than it looks on TV.

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